Rozřazovací test

Tištěný test

Máte-li zájem vyplnit test z pohodlí domova, stáhněte si prosím dokument s testem, vyplňte jej a následně nám jej odešlete zpět mailem nebo klasickou poštou.

On-line test

Máte-li zájem odevzdat test on-line, vyplňte a odešlete prosím následující formulář.

Kontaktní údaje

I. Doplňte vhodné slovo nebo slova tak, aby věta dávala smysl.

1. your name?

2. He is pilot.

3. you happy?

4. Hi, Steve, are you?

5. Sheila two sisters.

6. Where he?

7. Yes, is my computer!

8. She’s architect.

9. Do you brothers or sisters?

10. life on other planets?

11. She always to work by tram.

12. some people inside!

13. No, thank you. I smoke.

14. you sleeping?

15. I’ll be back a minute.

16. No, he eat meat.

17. What are you ? Stop it!

18. " are you from?" "I’m from Turkey."

19. "How long learning English?" Since 1995.

20. Have you ever to Spain?

21. She her leg when she was skiing.

22. I’m sorry, I understand.

23. We first met two years .

24. I waiting here for ten minutes.

25. he finished yet?

26. He’s wearing uniform!

27. you have some tea? Yes, please.

28. Tomorrow morning we on holiday.

29. Where’s Jenny? She a shower.

30. plate is yours? This one?

31. "Is it yours?" "No, it’s ."

32. When I home I’ll have something to eat.

33. If I you I wouldn‘t do that!

34. Come and see us when you in Prague!

35. He would have told her if he .

36. What would you do if you ten million pounds?

37. If you we will not catch the train!

38. English is much than French.

39. Australia is as Europe.

40. It’s a lovely day, it? Oh, yes, beautiful!

41. She said she this film.

42. I didn’t hear you. I must sleeping.

43. The police officer asked us where we going.

44. Joe gave up smoking last year. He for 30 years.

45. The exam is easy. Don’t worry, you it.

46. I ask you for a favour?

47. The plane has just taken .

48. If you want to become a doctor you study hard.

49. I think you be more careful.

50. We have plenty of time. We hurry.

51. money so important for you?

52. Who this tower? Eiffel!

53. Do you know what time ?

54. I’d love to the party tomorrow, but I can’t.

55. Yesterday, my boss made me at work until seven.

56. Can I this shirt on please?

57. The woman I wanted to see was away.

58. I must hand in the report the end of March.

59. Bad news make people happy.

60. I’m not used to such tests!

II. Napište slovo opačného významu.

61. day

62. yes

63. boy

64. black

65. open

66. left

67. down

68. dark

69. big

70. full

71. stupid

72. push

73. men

74. remember

75. boring

76. shy

77. fewer

78. quickly

79. wake up

80. rarely

81. many

82. wide

83. below

84. win

85. equality

86. slow down

87. allow

88. encourage

89. laudable

90. self-conscious