Příspěvek na konferenci Divadla jazyků 2011

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Acting out songs and chants (František Chlaň)
Over thirty years ago the American singer and ESL teacher Carolyn Graham created her first jazz chants by playing with the natural rhythm of American English. Rhythm and rhyme can turn tedious memorizing into amusement. Why not make these two powerful tools even more efficient by enriching them with emotions and action? The participants will get acquainted with some of Graham’s classic songs and chants. They will try out creating their own chants and they will learn how to make use of some well-known catchy tunes for fixating vocabulary and grammar structures. Having discussed various approaches of acting out the chants, groups of participants will try dramatizing them into short sketches.

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  1. excellent
    It´s a simple and great activity for all-age learners.
    I´m going to use this method as much as possible; it will help to wake up even very tired students
    Perfect, useful
    Good inspiration, good fun
    Výborná náplň, potvrdilo se mi, že nejjednodušší prvky jsou velmi motivující
    very useful and inspiring
    great resource, awesome ideas, thanks
  2. good
    Too much time wasted on groups preparation of the chants, was not clear if groups were to chant or just retell